FS: Summer Sales for 3 weeks only!!!!! ends 7/28

Hi all! long time no post!

I'm here for 3 weeks only for the summer. This time I want you guys to give me our BEST and reasonable offer!

No holds, all is first come first serve and comes as is!

I SHIP EVERYWHERE!!!! (I'm shipping from California USA)

Please send me your best offer for any and all items!! Please feel free to message me anytime ^-^

Off to school so all sales items must go!!!!!!!!

Hi guys!

Well its official! I just got accepted to an art college in L.A and I'll be going in the fall which means everything for sale MUST GO!!

This year you guys have the option to give me an best offer on all of the dolls, toys, figures, books and items all listed FOR SALE! I will be posting new group pictured of items for sale! they all need to be gone by July! I will be also selling things at local conventions, garage sales and other sidewalk sales. If you see something you want get it now! chances are it will disappear soon. I will not hold anything so everything listed for sale is up for grabs!

I also will add freebees and give discounts on group lots!!

Don't be afraid to ask :D and thank you all for your business and support :D

I SHIP EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank You!!
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~~Special deal this week buy 2 items get the third 10% off!! All items including plushies, buttons, vhs, books, posters and more are on sale!! they all MUST GO!! I cant add any more new items until all of these items are sold!
Here is a pic of all the dolls up for sale:

(the only new dolls I added today that only appears in this pic was fairy godmother, kayley from quest for Camelot, maximus, Megara,Flynn, Rapunzel)

If you have any questions please let me know! I SHIP EVERYWHERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Also, if you are interested but dont like the price just message me and we can work something out :

for more items please check my sales: http://chibi-5.livejournal.com/1363.html




Disney, Anime and many other items for sale!!!

Hi all

well as many of you know Ive been going threw my collection and slimming down some of my spare items. and today Ive added even more items today and this time I figured I would post photos on this post of disney items ^-^ if any of you guys interested in any items please feel free to let me know :D


for more items please visit my sales journal :D

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Hi all!!

Added 2 mint anastasia dolls, dream walts and oprah ones, little mermaid 2 melody figure, Swan princess Speed figure, ariel porceline figure, ariel light up wand thats plays under the sea, kim possible doll, esmerelda doll and tons more items!! Also lowered prices, take a look and also, if you are interested but dont like the price just message me and we can work something out :